Why Jolly Quill?

I have the choice of several different companies to create my camp store. So why should I choose you?

Excellent Question! There are several other companies that offer a very similar service to ours, so what makes us different than all the others? We run our company off of a model which is grounded by two main principals.

Customer Service First

Treat Everyone Like Family

Listed below are just some of the things that we think makes us great.

Customer Service

If you choose to work with Jolly Quill, we aren't going to give you the run around. You will have your own representative who will be available to you around the clock. Say good bye to the days of waiting on hold for hours, navigating phone robots, and elusive customer service. We are so committed to customer service that we will give you our personal cell phone number so we are always here to help. Seriously. Just ask us.

The same thing goes for your campers. We will create a personal phone number that your campers can use to reach us if they ever have any concerns about the products they receive from us. If a customer ever reaches out to us, we will make it right, every time, whether that be through a refund or a replacement (and a special surprise!)

We take any interactions with your customer base extremely seriously, because we know that the service we provide reflects back on you and your camp.


Going to camp can be the most exciting time in a child's life, so why should shopping at your camp store be any different! Jolly Quill wants to make receiving your package exciting from start to finish, we do this by...

Sending out boxes with your Logo/Brand on them

Sending product out in fun Tie-Dye Poly Mailers

Running exciting promotions like Flash Sales, Contests, and even giving out Fun Freebies!

Product Offerings

We offer awesome products that other companies often don't. Custom puzzles, Coloring Books unique to your camp, funky socks, flip flops and more. We also offer personalization on certain products so that should a camper leave something behind at camp it will always find its way back home!


The short answer to this one, is there is none. There is no annual fee, start up cost, or requirement to purchase any product, even if you don't have any sales. The only money you will have to handle is the money you earn through your annual commission you get just for having the store open in the first place.

How does it work?

OK, I am in. What do I do?

You are already doing it! One of our first tasks is the kickoff meeting, so that we can get to know you and your team, understand what makes your camp unique, and how we can best work together. This will normally take about an hour, with some email Q&A after to make sure we are all on the same page.

What should I sell?

Deciding what to sell so that the inventory reflects your program is fundamental. Every camp is different in regards to their needs and what works best for their campers. For instance, day camps might not want to offer over-night products (such as toiletry kits or laundry bags) and camps in warmer climates might not have as much need for winter clothing options. We work with you to understand what makes your camp unique and then incorporate that in the products we select.

If you have preferred products, or a master inventory from previous years, we’ll use that as a starting point. If not, we use our experience to select a custom list of products.

We will ask you to share with us projected attendance, duration of the programs, and any applicable sales history for us to consider. We’ll use this information to determine the total number of products included in your store. While our team has many years of working and attending various camps and will make excellent suggestions, we know that you do, too; and will have the final approval of the products you choose to carry.

You said I could make money ... How does that work?

Our cost structure is simple: design, implementation, and hosting of your store is free. Because we need you to help us market your store, you will receive a share of all merchandise sold online, not including any taxes, or shipping & handling.

A minimum retail price for all goods will be set by Jolly Quill, which accounts for the manufacturers or wholesale price, shipping, mark-up, and revenue share.

Will you carry my brand?

Yes! We will work with your team to obtain hi-resolution images of all your logo’s and pictures to customize your store and your products. This will include various branded items, including clothing, water bottles, puzzles, and stickers.

I really don't have a lot of time to spare. What does all this entail?

At Jolly Quill we recognize the camping industry is recovering from a near crisis. Many camps are short-staffed and doing whatever they can to make the 2022 season happen.

We want to give you one less item to plan for and worry about during the program season. By the time camp starts, your work will be done. The most time-consuming aspect of our service on your end will be helping us to market the store. The rest of the planning, purchasing, and backend work is on us.

My camp has specific needs. Can you accommodate those?

No matter what your needs are, Jolly Quill always makes the effort to make sure that our customers get exactly what they need! Whether that be lower priced camper items, particular product offerings, etc. We will always go the extra mile to make sure your store is a good fit for you. Just ask!